What is the best security camera for home in india


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Every one would love to have more security at home or their businesses, and a security camera is best way to achieve that. The people who have access to your home /office, elderly parents, very young kids or your fur babies(Pets), internal and external security camera solution exist for every need.

There is never a better time to spend in some peace of mind, add to that rise of digital voice assistant like Alexa, and every thing going online, we now have ability to see any connected camera we own from everywhere in the world, just by saying a few word.dome cameradome camera

Types of Camera

1.Dome camera- Dome security camera can rotate and thus, cover a wide surveillance area. They include tinted plastic or glass coverings that prevent onlookers from knowing which way the camera inside is pointing at any time. Dome camera styles include indoor, outdoor, Internet Protocol (IP), Infrared, Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ), and vandal proof. Unlike bulky security cameras, this camera’s sleek appearance and small size allow it to blend better with the surroundings. The cameras also come in different colors for the most effective blending. There are some large domes include several hidden cameras that allow them to cover 360-degree viewing. Amazon India provides easy search options to find the right dome surveillance camera for you from the best brands like OPTIVISION, Hikvision, Gadgetbucket, Secure-U, Zicom, CP Plus, Accu-Vision and more at reasonable prices.

                  When we are looking for a done security camera, choosing the right type for your need is important. There are some dome cameras which include both indoor and outdoor use. You can buy IP dome cameras which can be connected to the internet to allow users to view surveillance area from anywhere in the world. If you are looking for night purpose you can get infrared cameras which has IR light emitting diodes.

2. Spy camera-Spy cameras are hidden cameras meant to capture video or still pictures secretly. Spy cameras are used as a form of security to capture acts of theft, neglect, and more, they are typically small and easily disguisable. Whatever maybe your need, there’s most likely a spy camera more than suitable for the job. They’re available in a wide range of quality, prices, and sizes online at Amazon India from best brands like MACHSMART, mono, M MHB, Gadget Advice, D-Link, DRONGO SECURITIES, SPY and more. Spy cameras are definitely invaluable security devices, however, before buying one, buyers need to make note of their jurisdiction’s laws on hidden cameras. Sometimes, in certain areas, it may be illegal to film individuals without their consent.

                With the plethora of spy cameras available online today, spy cameras can be incorporated into almost any item, including pens, key chains, and screw holes. Then there are some spy cameras that are just easily hidden, small cameras. Spy cameras can be wireless, night vision capable, or have the ability to stream video online as it’s captured. However, not everyone needs a spy camera capable of capturing video in the dark. Before buying a spy camera, buyers must keep in mind its intended use. While a camera that’s meant to be worn and handled will have to be very inconspicuous to avoid detection, a nanny camera should be built or capable of being placed into an object that won’t be moved. After determining the purpose a spy camera will serve, buyers can shop online at Amazon India to find the perfect spy camera at the best price.

spy camera
3.Bullet camera- When it comes to protecting a home or business, a security camera is a must-have and can give you an added peace of mind. There are numerous varieties of security cameras available in the market, but a popular version is the bullet camera. By seeing one can give you an immediate idea of how this camera got its name. An excellent choice for homeowners these days, a bullet camera is a bullet-shaped cylindrical camera that is easy to mount and install. They are relatively small cameras used for indoor or outdoor building security. Bullet cameras are normally weatherproof and feature vandal-proof housings. At Amazon India, buyers looking for bullet cameras can find the right choice to suit their security needs.
Bullet camera
                Having an extra set of eyes is useful for monitoring, along with the assurance of having a visual record, which is also comforting. There are a number of important factors to consider when shopping for a bullet camera, among which, the quality of the lens and the number of lines of resolution displayed on the television are of utmost importance. Of special significance is the lux level of the camera. It indicates the camera’s ability to work in low light. The lower the lux level, the better the night vision. A bullet camera’s sleek profile allows it to make its homes in unexpected locations. The places you can use them in will depend on the make of the camera itself. For instance, an outdoor bullet camera is inherently designed to withstand the rigors of operating in the natural world. You can find both standard and outdoor varieties of bullet cameras available online at Amazon India. But if you’re looking for something that provides you with more versatility than the other two, consider investing in a refurbished wireless bullet camera. You can do away with connecting wires and place the camera in even more locations and only have to worry about them getting power. A bullet camera can offer you a more peaceable way to secure your property.
4.Trial and Games camera– These are wireless camera. People use these camera while hunting or taking wildlife photography or farm security. These camera function on their own while sensing some movement of anything. The action is so fast that they can click many photos within seconds.
The camera sustains itself in the harsh condition and also is water proof and dust proof.

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