Tubebuddy Extension for Chrome

We have heard a lot about SEO right? Whether you make a website or a YouTube channel everywhere SEO is needed in order to reach your content to millions of people.

Now when we publish any content we need the traffic to monetize. In order to monetize there are lot of aid services is provided to us from other sources. These sources are free or paid both.

download tubebuddy extension for chrome


The free sources world provide us a few tools that would function to a certain limitation. If we want the more functions we need to pay hefty amount.


Well there are various tools provided at the market but we will talk today about Tube buddy.


What is tube buddy?

Tube buddy is a YouTube SEO tool. This tool helps users to do the SEO of YouTube video publication. This is one of the best tools in the market.


If you install this tool then you will not have to depend on any other tool. If you want to use this tool you can add this to your browser extension and connect to your account.

The tool is available for both chrome and Firefox extension. It has both free as well as paid version. By using this tool you can save a lot of time  for other tasks.


Features of Tube buddy-:

  1. Keyword explorer- Tube buddy has its own keyword explorer from which you can find low competition keywords and also you can check the possibility to rank higher.

  2. Animated GIF- You do not need any other software or tool for creating GIF for YouTube. You can create a GIF from any part of the video through this tool.

  3. Tag checker- This tool can check the tag of any other video on YouTube. Now you will be able to know that which video is ranking in which country through which tag. You can also copy the tag and put in your video for higher  ranking.

  4. Vid to vid promotion- Through this tool you can promote your video on any other video on YouTube.

  5. Best time to publish video- This tool suggests on which day and what time your new video should be published so that there would be possibility that your video can go viral and you get more views.

  6. Description promotion- You can promote your one  video on another video’s description.

           So these are the few features that I have explained to you but there are a lot more features in the tool. The main thing is that if you install tube buddy the there is no need of any other software or tool to optimize your YouTube channel. 

How to install tube buddy in chrome browser?

There are few steps to download or add tube buddy in the browser which we will see below-


1.step 1: Visit tube buddy on chrome browser, click here to visit the tube buddy home page and click “Install free now” button…..

2.step 2: click Add extension……

3.step 3: click tube buddy icon on the top right corner of the browser…….

4.step 4: sign in with YouTube ….

5.step 5: tube buddy is installed….


Tube buddy Pricing-:

Tube buddy initially  provides the free plan. There are many features with the free plan too which  you can use initially but if you would like to upgrade it you will be charged for the same below is the chart form the price.

Tube buddy pricing plan

To Install the free version with many featurs click here



Well, We have all gone through this post and now we know how tube buddy actually works. It has a lot of free features which will help you as a beginner. Install and learn the free version of it and when you want to go next level you can purchase and upgrade it

I hope you all have installed on your chrome or Firefox browser. Implement it everyday and grow your YouTube channel as a youtuber and creator.


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