SEMrush Review2021: The best SEO tool


When we want to go somewhere we need a medium to reach there. Same in the field of blogging,

digital marketing or in the field of affiliate marketing we need a medium. But here we need a

medium to compete with others or so to say to reach ahead of others.

There are a lot of competitions to rank our digital content on top of the google search page. By

ranking on top we would be able to attract a lot of traffic to our websites.

Today I am going to tell you about a tool through which we will be able to fully analyze your

competitor’s potential by analyzing their websites. Do you want to know what that tool is? If yes

then let’s go and know more about it.

Through this tool, you will be able to do a complete site audit of your website as well as your competitor’s.In which generally comes a review, sentiment ratings, engagement rates, backlinks, user profiles, tracking errors, backlinks, SEO metrics, and organic search metrics, organic rankings, reviews, keywords, spam, and more. The tool I am talking about is SEMrush.

The best features are that they offer the very best in web and online analytics solutions. Their service solution packages include powerful advertising, digital analytics, marketing, and business analytics.

Their business solution packages include powerful search analytics, digital marketing, data management, and performance analytics.

We will further learn about its features and for that, we will read below.

Features of SEMrush:-

1. Analyze your website:-

you should analyze your own website before analyzing competitors websites. in this way you

will beable to know where are standing on various parameters such as top organic keyword, organic

s earch positions, and the number of backlinks you own.

SEMrush “domain overview” tab shows that result just you have to put your domain in the search

bar and hit the button.

Domain overview image

Next, you can visit “organic research” on the sidebar menu to know organic keywords and total

traffic.You can export all the data from the SEMrush in CSV or Excel format for later use.

Click here to get the free trial plan.

2. Identify your competitors:-

Identity a competitor’s pages with your own site’s identifiers in the following ways:

Add your website’s domain (e.g., into the URL field (from a competing page’s URL) on your competitor’s site.


Append your own website’s identity to their URL using the Identify feature of (as described above). The Identify feature will recognize your website’s identity (such as and display it to the user in the URL field.

Look at their competition level and common keywords download the data and make the strategy to outrank them.

3. Keyword research:-

What I love about the semrush magic tool is that it sorts every word by category. Some tools will

require you to select the category or just one word. That takes away the excitement of creating

an effective post with a bunch of unique content.

I like how the SEMrush magic tool saves the previous content tools and lists all the most important

words in the most relevant categories. That helps you in creating a solid post.


If you can use this tool for basic or for repetitive tasks then it’s amazing. Especially when the tool

creates a more advanced analysis with the automatic sorting options.

You can simply click on a heading in a post and it will show you all the categories that that heading

follows. You’ll see the keywords in each one and the insights with that category.1

There are 3 primary keyword research tools in the SEMrush toolkit and each tool has its own

purpose Keyword Overview-It will get a quick summary of your target keywords’ monthly

search volume, keyword difficulty, and other important keyword metrics.

Keyword Magic Tool- It will generate a ton of unique keyword ideas for your seed keywords.

Topic Research Tool-

It will generate a long list of fresh topics for your next piece of content.

To see the result put your seed keyword in the search bar and see the keyword metrics.

4. Do a site audit and fix errors:-

SEMrush can evaluate your site based on the factors that result in strong SEO performance. It

can test on on-page HTML, mobile-friendliness, page speed, internal linking, and page status code.

Site audits are performed by SEO software that crawls the pages of the website by following the

links on each page. You can now prioritize the biggest opportunities to improve SERP rankings.

5.On-page SEO checker:-

Go to the menu bar on the left-hand side and go on the project, it will allow you to set up a site

audit position tracking, on-page SEO checker, social media, and various other things here that

are all fairly useful, depending on what you’re doing. It is very simple to use.

Side note:-

 Now you have gone through the above post and you would be wanting to use it. Though it has a priced plan however we have a free trial plan and you could use it for seven days. Please click the link below to subscribe the free trial plan.

Click here to get the free trial plan.


Below are the prices for SEMrush although the price plan is a bit high if you want to outrank your competitors and want to know what they are up to then you need to invest in this tool.

SEMrush pricing plan

There is no other way about it.

SEMrush has increased its price in January 2021but still the basic price is the same as ahrefs,

moz, and raven tools.

There is the three plans offered by the SEMrush:

Pro – $119.95/month (Ideal for beginners and bloggers)

Guru – $229.95/month (Ideal for small business owners and solopreneurs)

Business – $449.95/month (Ideal for marketing agencies and marketing teams in big companies)


I would like to recommend This tool to you because it has been owned by many experts and

influencers of the industry


SEMrush is undeniably the ultimate SEO tool that will help you to easily spy on your competitors’

keywords as well as analyze their backlinks.


Leverage this tool to your advantage to boost your overall search engine visibility.


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