The Best Ways To Use Voluum Tracking Tool To Grow Your Affiliate Business

What kind of ads do you run? Native, display, pop, email, search, push, social,? Paid or organic? Voluum affiliate tracker will make it easy for you to track it all! With or without redirects.

Thanks to our superfast voluum tracker reporting you can easily monitor over 30 metrics about each visit, click, and conversion coming from all of your traffic sources – with one tool and in real-time!

Section 1: What is Voluum?

Voluum is an advanced, analytics-driven browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

It gathers and analyzes data about your web traffic so you can easily monitor the impact of ads, offers, and other marketing tactics in your online business.

It lets you identify your best-performing ads, conversions, and traffic sources.

Voluum analyzes and presents the data in a dashboard you can easily use to run your business.


The Ad Industry

Having a thriving affiliate business takes years of building relationships.

You already know that the best way to grow an affiliate business is to pay for the traffic you attract to your site and to ensure that your visitors are legit.

That’s why we built the Ad Industry tool to help you do just that.

Want to know if an audience is likely to convert to your site? Find out if they have a Google Adsense account or even if they aren’t yet? Want to get granular by identifying the people that have already bought your product?

With Ad Industry you can find all of these details for free and make more informed decisions about the ads you run and the products you sell.

Check out this awesome list of common questions that new affiliates often have, and go to our FAQ for more answers.


The Voluum Advantage

Avant-Garde technology delivered without compromising on price, power, and accessibility. Voluum was the first affiliate marketing software ever built by a successful affiliate marketing team. This has given it a competitive edge. And although it is not as feature-rich as some competitors, it is one of the easiest platforms to work with.

By using the Voluum Affiliate Tracking Formulas, you will find you are not just tracking your affiliate marketing performance but also educating and learning about your visitors.

“The Voluum system gets everything I need. I’ve seen similar products and it is hard to give an objective evaluation. For me, the system is simply easy to use, accurate, and affordable. It is a perfect setup for anyone in the business.


How to Get Started with Voluum

Downloading Voluum for MacOS or Windows is easy. And for MacOS, you’ll need to have OS X El Capitan and a copy of Intense Web.

First, navigate to You’ll then be directed to the Voluum Dashboard page. From here you can choose a package.

Choose a subscription.

A monthly license is available for $89.

When you’ve selected your package and purchased it, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail.

Or you can download and run the free version for the time being.

Windows Users: We recommend you use Voluum on Windows because of the Voluum Dashboard.

If you can’t get Voluum Dashboard to run or work for you, we recommend you consider purchasing a license for one year of Voluum.


Tracking Your Campaigns

With the Voluum affiliate tracker, you can easily track your campaigns or your offers with the highest frequency!

Great for: Any affiliate program, any website, any traffic source, any product or service.

Tracking Includes Tracking In Email Clicks

Integrate Voluum tracking with your email campaigns to easily collect click and conversion data. This is especially useful for creating low-cost email campaigns. This is a great way to capture a user’s click to checkout action when they click on your link in an email.

Tracking Easy

If you’ve used a standard affiliate tracking software before, Voluum will seem like a snap to configure. Add any of your software products, you’ll configure the extension for you.

Click here o see the pricing


Tracking your traffic sources

Now I’ll tell you the “Big” secret! Voluum allows you to easily track your traffic sources – no complex templates or funky widgets required! Voluum is the easiest way to generate growth in your affiliate business. Now that you know the most important use of this tool.

Key advantages

Lightweight: lightweight overlay plugin, easy installation (only 3 required files) Simple landing page layout: templates of different industries: agency, publisher, reseller, merchant, e-commerce, etc.


Tracking your ads

If you’re not tracking your ads yet you are missing the real connection to your visitors, as well as your ROI. Instead of looking at ads by themselves, try adding a little tracking code to each ad and the ad server that serves them. This is the best way to tell the good ads from the bad ones.

Bonus: If you don’t want to track this activity but you want a daily view of ads, check out our new Ad Tags. Track your ads without tracking code and get in touch.

When you open Voluum you’ll see the most important metrics, in real-time, with graphs, line charts and tables, not to mention the countless (and very useful) stats from Adwords and social media. You can also filter to your liking and be assured you see only the metrics you want.


Monitoring Conversions

Track Top Clickthrough Rates (CTR)

Track Conversions using Different Metrics

Track Acquisition

Track Audience Segments


Automatic Time Tracking

Leverage Competitive Ad Spend Tracking

We track conversion and conversions for 300+ publishers and all types of traffic. When you use our tracker, you don’t have to worry about using a lot of plugins or annoying templates. You just start tracking and start tracking. Our analytics will work for you and track for you.

We use cookies to make sure you see the tracking information as you browse. Our tracking tool is completely anonymous. You don’t have to share any personal details and we won’t ever share your data with any third party.


Increasing Conversion Rates

Not only it is used by publishers to stay in control of their affiliate products, but it is also the best tool for increasing conversion rates. Voluum tracking tool allows you to stay in control of your content:

Supports Pay-Per-Click, Display, Native, Social, Search, Youtube, Image, and many more.

Enables tracking of the traffic source, purpose, location, traffic flow, navigation, and many more.

Is easy to use and understand.

Offers seamless integration with many leading Ad networks to track traffic sources and conversion rates.

Returns to over 50 social properties like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Bebo, etc.

Automatically paid audience statistics, tracking keywords, purchase URLs, cost-per-visit, and much more.



It is never easy to scale an affiliate marketing business. Some e-commerce merchants have a hard time figuring out what is the right combination of traffic sources to optimize. With Voluum, you can easily track the different traffic sources and optimize your affiliate marketing campaign based on the daily data.

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