Italy and India Strengthen Defence Ties with Manufacturing Partnership Agreement

 Giorgia Meloni
Image Courtesy Moneycontrol

Italy and India signed a partnership agreement for defence manufacturing during Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s visit to India. The agreement was signed during Meloni’s meeting with Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on March 2 and is expected to strengthen defence ties between the two countries.

The partnership agreement will provide opportunities for collaboration in defence manufacturing, and the two countries have reportedly been exploring the possibility of joint production of small arms and ammunition, as well as other defence equipment. This partnership is a significant step forward in the defence relationship between Italy and India and is expected to enhance their security cooperation.

The agreement comes at a time when both Italy and India are looking to deepen their economic and strategic ties with countries in the region. Meloni’s broader tour of Asia, which includes stops in Japan and South Korea, is aimed at strengthening partnerships and economic ties with countries in the region.

India has been working towards self-reliance in defence production under its ‘Make in India’ initiative, and the partnership with Italy is expected to provide a boost to this effort. With Italy’s expertise in defence manufacturing and India’s growing demand for advanced defence equipment, this partnership holds great promise for both countries.

The partnership agreement represents a significant step forward in the defence relationship between Italy and India, and is expected to lead to greater collaboration and innovation in defence manufacturing.

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