Rogue Recall: Nissan Announces Safety Concerns for Popular SUV

Nissan suvThe article reports that Nissan has announced a recall of over 250,000 Rogue SUVs due to a potential issue with the rear liftgate. According to the company, the liftgate’s struts may prematurely wear out, causing it to unexpectedly close while open, posing a safety risk to passengers. The recall affects 2022 and 2023 models of the popular SUV.

Nissan has stated that it will notify affected customers and will replace the liftgate struts free of charge. The company has also advised customers to avoid using the liftgate until the issue is resolved. The recall is set to begin in April 2023.

This is not the first time that Nissan has issued a recall for the Rogue. In 2020, the company recalled over 1 million vehicles due to an issue with the backup camera system. Nissan has been working to improve its quality control processes in recent years after facing several high-profile recalls and quality issues.

The recall is expected to be a costly and time-consuming process for Nissan, but the company has stated that it remains committed to ensuring the safety of its customers. Customers who believe that their vehicle may be affected by the recall are advised to contact their local Nissan dealership for further information.

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